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Magi's 'Bring It On Home' 
Save that Trash

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Save that Trash

Decorating Comes Home!

Buy it (if you can't make it!)

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It's a good thing...that I'm not Martha.

When I say "bring it on home" I mean it - go out there and find it - dig it up, cut it off, round it up, and bring it on home! 

This issue covers recycling garden prunings into garden decor!

 One gardener's trash is another's paradise!

Ahhh Fall!! The time for regarding what summer has wrought, the compost has brought and what's to throw out and what's to not...You want more sun over here, but that tree is in the way... you have lopped for the autumn, all the trees freshly trimmed...limbs galore litter your yard as if a tornado had come through. I say,


mushroomlog.gif (200x64 -- 3450 bytes)Recycle Recycle Recycle!!!

The trees and large branches that come down can become the trellis for those roses you've always wanted or other climbing beauties...for a cozy retreat in some area of your yard.

Trellises and Arbors

grapearbor.jpg (90x120 -- 2642 bytes)hubbycypresstrees.jpg (120x90 -- 2578 bytes)Here, we downed some cypress trees, cleaned and cut them to size.... for a trellis over our walk through into a pasture (left - framing my studdly hubby). The bark can be soaked and woven into mats or baskets or shredded and put in the compost for later.  With two other trees, we started a grape arbor (right).


freestandingtrellis.jpg (90x120 -- 3070 bytes)After lopping limbs from the big oaks in my back yard I made a rustic free standing trellis for a wild trumpet vine (left - 'before' picture) that had taken over most of the back yard.  I freestandingtrellisafter.jpg (120x90 -- 2544 bytes)gathered up the tentacles of the vine and wrapped it around the trellis.  It looked like it had been there for years! Plus a pair of chickadees set up housekeeping immediately, as they watched my labors patiently until I was done, then picked their spot and moved in. This blends right into the scenery (right - 'after' picture).

Flower Bed Edging

wovenwall.jpg (120x90 -- 2869 bytes)From small to larger in circumference, utilize what you have at your disposal. I wasted nothing!! The limbs and branches I used for the woven wall to my mint garden (left) as well as the stakes to brace the weaving.  Some of the trees were dead and hollow.  These we cut length-wise and I made planters out of them.  We made the stands out of horse shoes.

Raised Vegetable Garden Borders

borderveggies1.jpg (120x90 -- 2658 bytes)Bordering your vegetable and flower gardens (left) with larger limbs and downed trees keeps you organized with a rustic feel.  They will also help hold the soil in place for raised beds - with no worries about leaching poisonous chemicals into your garden.  These will eventually rot so keep an eye on them.  They too, will be a good addition to your compost pile when their time has come.

Trellises Against Walls

trellisvine.jpg (120x90 -- 2295 bytes)Fallen limbs, cleared out bamboo what trellisvine2.jpg (120x90 -- 2597 bytes)ever nature hands you from above or below - find a use for! My neighbor's bamboo was running rampant into my yard and taking over so I snipped it.  Needing a trellis for my mandevilla (right) and bougainvillea (left) I went right to work. It was sturdy and flexible in the southern storms - the vines hung on and the trellises hung in.

Odds and Ends - and a Halloween Tree

hallowtreeghosts.jpg (85x120 -- 2953 bytes)The smaller limbs can be cut into lengths to make log cabin feeders and bird houses, or for holiday fill-ins such as a Halloween or Easter tree. 

So you see...there are treasures all around...and free! And free is wondermous!!!!

Happy Foraging!!!!

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