Bootlegger's Ball Theme Party

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Theme Parties
'Bootlegger's Ball'

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PlantPirate - Your Party Pal!

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the Party Pal

This is a great party theme with a "roaring twenties" flair.  

It lends itself to readily available costumes and decorations and great music from the period!







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Throw a Bootlegger's Ball Theme Party

Here are some ideas for a Bootlegger's Ball Theme party.  We'll cover:  Invitations, Menu, Decorations, Music, and Games.  Don't be shy - you can actually charge a per person or couple "cover charge" if you are going all-out with the costumes, food, games, etc.  Even the reluctant ones will have a blast and be willing to do it again.


newspaperinvite.gif (84x98 -- 1798 bytes)Try the Newspaper style invitation with an amusing pseudonym for each guest.  (Use your browser's Back button to return to this page.)

  • try a headline with the name on top - e.g.:  "Lisa, alias 'Lulu Floozy' Busted!"

  • then change the character/guest name on each one and run them off (having a computer helps with this...)

Check out the invitations page for more ideas!  

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hamdinner.jpg (150x124 -- 4993 bytes)Menus for a Bootlegger's Ball are easy - almost anything goes!

  • Try a nice ham - hot or cold.

  • Add a hot or cold potato dish and some veggies/salad and sweets for dessert.

  • If you go with a punch, try one that you "spike" occasionally by putting the mix into old-fashioned looking booze bottles before you conspicuously fake "sneaking" it into the punch bowl.

  • Do it all buffet style.

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Speakeasybwgood.jpg (150x108 -- 3466 bytes)Make the room look like a "speakeasy".  

  • Place a semi-cryptic sign over the entrance, e.g.:   "knock 3 times and whistle Dixie"

  • Guests are welcomed and frisked at the door.

  • Low lighting and atmospheric smoke is a must have.

  • Gambling tables are good - have lots of small tables for 2 or more persons dotted about the room.  Card tables work fine, just cover with a tablecloth.

  • Serve drinks in inconspicuous cups.

  • Have some late-comers bust in like they are the 'Feds' raiding the joint.

  • Conspicuous imitation guns for the guards and the 'Feds' are a nice touch.

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Roaring20s_album.jpg (100x100 -- 2636 bytes)Music is a no-brainer.  

  • Get hold of some "roaring twenties' music - old and scratchy versions work nicely - record them to get this effect.

  • Big Band tunes, Blues, Jazz also work well.

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playcards.jpg (149x119 -- 3437 bytes)Try these ideas for your party.

  • Picture quiz of who's who of the 1920s underworld - do a web or library search to find black and white pics and print them off or photocopy.

  • Shooting games - try a cork gun shooting range.

  • Fast-moving card games - a fake shootout over 'cheating at cards' is a nice effect.

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